Seonaid Bowers

Professional Vocalist and Vocal Coach

Seonaid Bowers is an accomplished singer and a bit of a vocal geek. She took her first committed step into music by attending the renowned Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and then honed in her music talents at The Academy of Contemporary Music. Her passion for music has taken her onto a variety of stages such as The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, Windsor Castle and numerous theatres across the UK.

Being a proud member of the ACM Gospel Choir, has given her the chance to sing at some incredible events alongside other talented and committed vocalists. Her job as a backing singer in ‘Whitney – Queen of the Night’ certainly enhanced her ability to harmonise and blend whilst carrying out choreography… she can do so much more than a step-click now!


Seonaid would be nowhere without her past and current vocal coaches. She knows the importance of structured practise and healthy techniques. With this knowledge she is able to deliver a strong performance several nights in a row. It’s no secret, she thoroughly enjoys passing on the information to her own students and witnessing them stepping up in their ability, to even surprise themselves.